Discovery 발견

This was a restoration of a bungalow that was deserted in the stream. It started from an idea that all histories of a place have respectable values. The artist discovered the deserted bungalow during his/her survey of the site and suggested the process to move it on a platform built with soil after reinforcing the structure to maintain its state. In his/her corresponding email, he/she repeatedly requested the planner to pay attention to the preservation process so that its original beauty would not be damaged. After numerous exchanges of opinions, the bungalow that would have been used as a place to serve food in the restaurants around the Samseong stream long time ago was restored as carefully as if it were an archeological relic, and was placed on a platform of concrete. Through this, the artist hoped that it would not remain as an abandoned building but to transform it to a remains that would remind people of the history of the Anyang Art Park.


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