Misfit Tower 1평 타워

When Didier Fiuza Faustino was invited to the First Anyang Public Art Project, he designed a tower with a concept inspired by ‘one Pyeong’ which is the Korea’s traditional area measuring unit. The 1 Pyeong Tower/Misfit Tower located in the parking lot in the entrance of the Anyang Art Park is an artwork created on a smallest possible plot by paying attention to the potential of the unit of ‘one Pyeong’ could have. It is a piece of artwork in which spaces of one pyeong units are stacked crisscross without setting a purpose for the space. You can experience a difference in the size of an actual one pyeong and one pyeong we know as a concept in a small but big enough space with windows put in in different directions from each other. The architect who defines architecture as means to alert our senses and to sharpen our awareness of reality also built [One Square Meter House] consisting of a room, a bathroom, and a kitchen in multiple stories on one square meter lot in the South of Paris in 2006. 

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