Re. vol. ver 리.볼.버

Hermann Maier Neustadt built a resting place with two crossed transparent circular structures in the middle of the Mt. Samseong when he was invited to the First Anyang Public Art Project. This artwork, on the extension of his existing work [WD Spiral Series] has a close relationship with the modern and contemporary history of Anyang where both Japanese army and U.S. army were stationed.

There used to be a sports field made of sand, which was built by Japanese soldiers during Japanese occupation, and later used by the U.S. army after the WWII, right below the site the artist has chosen. The artist intended to make an empty space by abstracting a revolver made by Smith & Wessen on that site. When the artist visited Anyang for a field survey, there was a thick forest growing in that field, which had not been touched by humans for a long time. The artist did not want to cut down the trees, and decided the size of his work without damaging them. This structure symbolizing militarism sits quietly in the middle of the forest as if it is sleeping.