Eun Ha Soo 은하수

Dai Goang Chen created a wooden structure by connecting bedsteads with different heights, where people can sit and rest or look around the surrounding scenery walking, when he was invited to the First Anyang Public Art Project. The artist spending his youth in Anyang recollected his memories about the Anyang Amusement Park when he was creating the artwork. They are memories of him holding his grandmother’s hand as they walked back and forth between the recreational facilities on unpaved streets, and of memories that he and his cousins went on the top of a wide rock on the Mt. Samseong after getting drunk when he got older. The artist’s sentiment about the Anyang Amusement Park that is not merely a name of a location, but it gives him a feeling of an old friend must have been originated from such memories. He suggested several structures for this project, and one common element in all of them was that he wanted to conserve the existing terrain and natural objects. If you walk along the artwork, you can find trees and rocks penetrating the structure easily. On the artist’s sketch, a memo is written saying that as trees go back to dirt, in time his artwork will disappear naturally as well.