Placeness/Nonplaceness 장소성/비장소성

The plot the planning committee of the First Anyang Public Art Project suggested for Helen Park was a slanted lot where the tour course of APAP wraps up. The architect wanted to create a structure that would serve as a resting space and a garden by considering the characteristics of the location. She designed a space by obliquely overlapping two different sizes of rectangular prism, and she left the existing tree between the outer wall and inner wall. By using louver technique (arranging narrow lumber obliquely spaced out uniformly) to build all the walls, it made the amount of light penetrating through the walls would be different depending on the height where the audience is standing. She kept the existing slope of the lot, but installed a flat platform in the space inside of the rectangular prism to provide a comfortable resting area. Steps were installed on the platform that is located on the highest place, and people can enjoy the surrounding scenery without any interruption in visibility on top of it. Through all these, the architect hoped to create a structure where one can view all the structures locating in between landscape and buildings and nature.

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