Forest of Spirits 정령의 숲
Upon receiving invitation from the 1st APAP, Lee Seung Ha installed figure statues of ceramics in the forests of the Samsung Mountain. The artist has regarded ceramics made of mud, glazefire as the material most unifying with nature. He intended to make Forest of Spirits that blends well with spiritual energy of the Mountain. Inspired by a Buddhist statute lying indifferently besides a temple, the work focuses on expressing the imagery rather than a precise description of a character. Situated along the mountain trail, figure statues with different facial expressions have either lost its bodily partsbeen transformed. Due to delicate nature of the materials used in this work, outdoor installation caused concerns for damage. Nonetheless, the artist risked every possible problem for outdoor installation. Due to the fact that ceramics are prone to damage while shaping baking, multiple pieces were made for one specific statue. In fact, failed pieces outnumbered successful ones.