Cut Down my trunkmake a boat, then you can sail away 아낌없이 주는 나무
One of three works d by Yuken Teruya, as a part of his invitation to the 1st APAP. This work was originally planned as a temporary project, to be on exhibition for one month, during the opening of APAP in 2005. The artist picked several sentences from Shel Silverstein The Giving Tree,then completed sentences by combining twigs from the woods in Samsung Mountain. He attached sentences made of twigs onto stems branches of trees in the Mountain, such as Cut down my trunk and make a boat, then you can sail away, Come, Boy, sit down. Sit downrest. Even though the exhibition was scheduled for one month, this work remained in the place afterwards. If you are lucky, you may come across this work while strolling in the woods.