October 14, 15:35 I saw UFO 10월 14일 오후 3시 35분 나는 유에프오를 보았다
Another piece of work related to the three works on UFO presented by Yuken Teruya, an invited artist to the 1st APAP. The artist stated that he saw a UFO on October 14, 15:35,  exactly indicated by the title, and d this work as a photographic proof. This work is located on the bridge facing opposite of the entrance to Yeombul-am, which is quite distant from the site of Anyang Road Sign Project 2005. At a glance, this work looks like a photograph of UFO flying above Anyang Public Art Park. However, what the artist filmed was not a real UFO, but a pink cowboy hat the one which the artistic ector of the 1st APAP bought at the Park to avoid heat, in the afternoon of the same day. The artist threw up the hat to the sky, filmed it, named the title of the work as October 14, 15:35 I saw a UFO. He still insisted on saying that he has seen a UFO, because he thought that throwing a UFO-like hat up into the skymaking that particular action into an art work were equivalent of encountering a real UFO.