Anyang Road Sign Project 2005 안양 도로표지판 프로젝트 2005
One of three works d by Yuken Teruya, as a part of invitation from the 1st APAP, this work was inspired by the news he had heard during his visit to Anyang for ideation. The news was about the emergence of multiple UFOs in Seoul. The artist wanted to witness UFOs in Anyang as well. As a result, he devised nine road signs along the sidewalks of ArcheteutisAnyang Pavilion. The shape of the workthe paintings drawn inside each of the work both represent the artist imagined image of UFO. Each work contains a hint for the next following work. In other words, the painting on the first road sign points to the shape of the second sign, the second sign has the painting of the third sign drawn. As such, interconnected nine road signs have images on both sides,allow the audience to enjoy the work both ways.