Boy Girl 먼 곳을 바라보는 남자(창학)/복사집 딸래미(성은)

Hwan Kwon Yi created sculptures of people around him by distorting their images by a computer program when he was invited to the First Anyang Public Art Project. The artist who has been reproducing hallucination and distortion into sculptures since latter part of 1990s got this idea from his experience of watching a movie on a television. His attempt to transfer a distorted space into reality started when he saw the phenomenon of images being compressed and elongated when they broadcast a movie filmed for a wide screen on television.

Located on the hillside of Mt. Samseong, this artwork is consisted of a sculpture of a girl lying, resting her chin on her hands and a sculpture of a boy standing and gazing into the distance. The sculpture of a girl named Seong Eun is compressed flat horizontally, and the sculpture of a boy named Chang Hak is elongated vertically. Since all parts of the sculpture are in different proportions, two sculptures can either look familiar and ordinary, or special and unfamiliar depending on what direction they are viewed. The distorted appearances of the boy and the girl in daily life can cause the discrepancy between subjective perception of objects and physical state, and they can change the surrounding environment to an unfamiliar space.


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