Wooden Fountain 각목분수
Located next to Samseong Stream, Wooden Fountain presents an image of a gymnast balancing herself atop pieces of lumber that gush out like a fountain. From the artist point of view, this work presents three different overlaying images: flooding from Samseong Stream, development construction represented by the studs,the gymnast as an element of mediationde construction of the relationship between the first two. The lower part of the work is tightly bound with thick ropes, as if to prevent the studs from erupting further outward. Next to the fountain, stands a signage that says Development Restriction Area. The location of this signage is the very reason why the artist chose the site for installation. 
Anyang Art Park was designated as a development restriction area in 1971 when it was still named Anyang Amusement Park. This effectively suspended redevelopment construction around the Park until 1977 when a flooding of an unprecedented scale claimed 230 livesravaged the area. Structures hastily constructed to restore the damages caused the deterioration of the natural scenery of the Park, which resulted in the 1986 cancellation of its designation as a National Tourist Park by the Ministry of Transportation. The three images flooding, development, a mediator that compose this work are drawn from this past story of Anyang Art Park. This archive also provides the artist initial plan, in which he contemplated installing two wooden fountains on each side of the street,the images of gymnastsflooding used as references. 
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