Singing Bench 노래하는 벤치
Jeppe Hein modified a conventional bench to this elongated bench comprised of seats in varying heights. Singing Bench starts in a concave shape in one end, rises up steeply, plunges back, finally, arches slightly upward. Inviting users to sit onlie downto use it as a slide, this bench is situated on the boundary between a functional street facilitypost-functional object. The artist Jeppe Hein has long been producing diverse artworks using benches he has made U-shapedV-shape seats, installed a bench upside down, d a circular bench by putting the both ends together. His benches not only a space for restingsolitary moments but also transform the spacethe surroundings including the benches, into a space for movements designed for sitting, looking, hearing,playing. Through such a transformation, the artist strives to facilitate interaction between bench userspedestrians, provide a social function to his artworks.  
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