The Paradise Is Burning 천국은 불타고 있다
Round solar heat light bulbs are hung to cast a poem in Braille on the surface of water. Once the sun goes downdarkness sets in, the light bulbs come alive using the heat that they absorb during the day. The poem in Braille s a paradoxical situation, because in general a person who can see light cannot read Braillea person who can read Braille cannot see light. Through the betrayals in contentform, the artists wished to expose the ambivalence contradictions that are found in our surroundings such as lightdarkness, the artificialthe natural, everyday language codes, the privatethe public, exposing concealing, development destruction. The poem used for the work was d from newspaper headlinesphotos. The first line of the poem, The paradise is burning, was excerpted from a travel article on Bali. The poem in Braille goes as follows:
The paradise is burning.
Between fireice,
between madnessreality,
turned upside down,
my head has become rotten,
and my self has dried up completely.
If possible, save me!