Okwu Muo: Seat for Ala, Anyanwu the Three Virtuous Monks 신과 성신을 위한 의자
Comprised of a glass seata back rest made of stainless steelmirror, OkwuMuo: Seat for Ala, Anyanwuthe Three Virtuous Monks pays tribute to the Goddess of Earththe God of Sun worshiped by Nigeria Igbo tribethe three revered Buddhist monks Wonhyo, Uisang,Yunpil, from whom the name of Samsung Mountain (means three sacred beings) had its origin. The artist Oguibe tried not only to produce an artwork for human appreciation but also to a sacredsecretive space for gods. By adopting glassstainless steel as materials, the artist also tried to minimum impact on the surrounding environment. The title OkwuMuo means a ritualistic space where the Igbo people communicate with godspray to them. This space is mostly located in quiet woods near the village central plaza. The artist also thinks of this chair, which is reminiscent of a wooden chair used by the Igbo people, as a gift from one culture to another.