Anyang Peak 전망대

This artwork is an observatory by extension of the height of the mountain by extending the contour of Mt. Samseong. It is created by an architectural group that has been attempting to change abstract data into specific shapes. The artist who wanted to revitalize the Anyang Amusement Park (currently Anyang Art Park) by emphasizing the natural scenery around Mt. Samseong suggested putting an observatory that is led by a spiral road enveloping and going up to the 160 of area on top of the mountain. When you go up along the road, of which its outline is formatted by two contours to the observatory, you can overlook the City of Anyang and the whole Anyang Art Park. The empty space inside of the observatory can be used for exhibits or as a stage for performances, and the audience can enjoy the performances on the observatory looking down. Ji Young Shim who was a participating artist for the 4th APAP performed with students from Anyang Arts High School.