Full Scale Model of a Social Structure for a Plaza in Anyang 안양광장을 위한 사회적 구조물 제안
A structure natively piling yellow iron bars in vertical horizontal ections. This also functions as a bench for passersby. Unlike its title, this work is actually installed on a sidewalk in front of the city hall, not in a plaza in Anyang. Here, more so than a specific place, a plaza signifies a symbolic space where audiences, especially uninterested audiences, gather by chance a diverse discourse. In an interview, the artist once said that he always works with two objectives in mind depending on projects: One is to change the perspective of the architects administrators who commissioned the work through discussions, another is to a platform based on which artworks are produced. He says that in the latter case, he has no set rules behavioral patterns to apply to artworks no intention to ect audiences to do something to educate them. Rather, he wants to a space conducive for communication to show audiences that things can happen through arts.