Some Colored Rocks 형형색색의 바위들
Organic-shaped rocks arranged in a triangle composition on the grass of Pyeongchon Park. Mai-Thu Perret work is inspired by the artist novel Crystal Frontier, which she has been working on since 1999. The novel tells a story about a group of young women in their 20s30s, who relocate to a desert in the southwestern part of New Mexico to escape the ills of capitalism the patriarchal tradition, build an utopian community. Perret s her artworks based on the text (i.e. journals, letters, schedules, memo, lyrics, newspaper articles, etc.) produced by the community members from the novel. Her work incorporates a wide range of media, including installation, film, sculpture, painting, neon sign, ceramic, furniture, tapestry, wallpaper, takes references from diverse styles of arts, such as Russian avant-garde stage designs, French illustrations, Busby Berkeley musicals, 20th Century mysticism, minimalism. Some Colored Rocks is a recreation of her other work made with gold color paper into a multi-color tile mosaic piece. Peret revealed her long-running interest in scholar stone (naturally shaped occurring rocks collected for appreciation in Asia) hoped that her work would bring positive changes to the space in which her work is installed to those who pass by the space.    
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