Cuatro 쿠아트로
This equestrian statue of Don Quixote signifying the enthusiasm for an ideal life, stands tall on the green space above the Beomgye Underground Motorway. The first time the artist d a sculpture of Don Quixote was to celebrate the fourth birthday of her close friends son. The sculpture d to celebrate the birthday of a boy who is starting his life is reborn as a future-oriented monument to celebrate APAP. Cuatro is also the first of her artworks that Feinstein, who values artists hands-on touch in artwork insists on manual processes, was not ectly involved with production. She sent in a small size prototype to a Korean production studio, which simply scaled up the prototype on computer produced it into a steel statue. Fully satisfied with the result, Feinstein said that she might consider the same process for her other permanent installations. The title Cuatro is the name of a traditional Spanish musical instrument, as well as the number four in Spanish.