Flexible Landscape 유연한 풍경
Flexible Landscape is a performance art piece presented by 80 performers comprised of performance artists, visitors at the Jungang Park,members of Anyang Cycling Club. The participants in the organically shaped costume designed by the artist traveled all over Pyeongchone to present the performance. The artist compared Pyeongchon to a young female collegiate in long straight hair, primproper. This performance, to the artist, was like teasing such a primproper college student. Presented on the opening day of the 2nd APAP, the performers acted in ways that do not conform to the existing social grammar, i.e. lying down on inappropriate places, cycling through cars on a leisurely pace, etc. With the performance, the artist intended to make the impregnable landscape of this new town more flexible by creating small ripples that interrupt everyday lives of those who are leading a structured life in a meticulously planned city.  
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