The tears of the fish are falling in the water 물고기의 눈물이 호수로 떨어지다

This piece of artwork is a fountain in a form of a fish installed on a rock in the middle of the stream, and it gushes out 14 individual flows of water by pulling up water from the Samseong stream with electrical motor. The two rocks the fountain is on are the rocks that rolled down from the mountain during the flood that caused a few hundred casualties in Anyang in 1977. The artist starts his story with the two rocks and a few photos of the flood damaged sites, and an old newspaper article about traveling. If you look carefully, this huge steel sculpture is connected to objects you can easily overlook; kimchi urn installed on an electrical pole near by, and a suitcase are such examples. High voltage electric energy connecting the fountain looking like a fish and kimchi that is Korean traditional food, and the suitcase announces an endless travel with an unknown destination. This artwork that is popular in the APAP tour received reviews that the water flows pouring into the Samseong stream that is tears of the fish remind the audience of collective outburst of inner emotions that was suppressed in the Korean Society changing in exorbitant speed.