The Moon
A work that embodies the moon by attaching together fragments of pottery. The artist collected fragments discarded in a pottery studio, matched their pairs, filled in gaps, finally d a new piece of pottery by coating it with gold leaf, which is typically used in statues of the Buddha. Reminiscent of the Joseon white porcelain moon jar, on the artwork there is a rabbit living on the moon, which refers to a traditional fairy tale. The Moon is part of the artist ongoing series Translated Ceramics began in 2001. Invited to the 2nd Biennale of Ceramics in Contemporary Art (2001) held in Albisola, Italy, the artist commissioned an Italian potter to re a Joseon Baekja (white porcelains from the Joseon Dynasty) related relevant poemsfolklores to the craftsman who had no prior knowledge of Joseon Baekja. This experience inspired the artist to begin the serial project Translated Ceramics. While the artist focused mainly on misunderstanding between disparate cultures in the early works of the series, now she s ceramic works by putting together ceramic pieces that are broken discarded as failures, to build a different type of a translation process that bestows new meanings to something discarded.
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