I am Thinking of You 나는 당신을 생각합니다
A public telephone h, inside of which the phone rings endlessly until someone picks it up. The artists presented an unforeseen situation through the use of a public phone h that has become all but forgotten. For those who pick up the phone after overcoming hesitations caused by a battle between personal curiosity sociocultural rules, awaits the message I am thinking of you, in the voice of Bae Hansung, a voice actor. Only one work per continent is slated to be installed.
In respect for the original wish of the artists ElmgreenDragset, who wanted to install the piece not at the park but on the street, the 4th APAP relocated the work to the pathway in front of the Anyang Pavilion. Upon hearing the news, ElmgreenDragset expressed their appreciation for the APAP careful management, comparing it with the fate of their other work Prada Marfa located in a desert in Texas, suffering deteriorations from inadequate management being threatened for de-installation by the Texas Department of Transportation, which classified the installation as an illegal outdoor advertisement.