KIOSK 키오스크
Designed to hold two to three people, KIOSK is a structure d based on a plywood model the artist produced in his 1994 plight to construct a structure for an individual thrown into society. For the 2nd APAP, the artist assembled three of the same models into a leaf shaped structure completed it through exposed concrete casting. Situated slightly off the main street, KIOSK is intended as a private space for individuals in a public space, in which the superficiality of social rules is revealed, intimate communication between individuals occur. The artist also designed the space to function as a social structure that continuously reuresre structures individuals place in society. In his work, the artist explores boundaries between social rules, such as public space vs. private space, politeness vs. impoliteness, superficial relationships vs. intimate relationships, experiments with the place for individual within society ultimately, the form function of arts in our society.