My Anyang, the City of BeautyHappiness 아름다운 도시 행복한 도시 나의 안양
Gimhongsok, whose body of work deals with the linguistic customs attitudes institutionalized by society their cultural significance, found an inspiration in slogans employed by cities to promote reproduce their self-image. A majority of cities, especially in Korea, adopt official slogans for symbolic representation self-promotion. Although varying in wordings, such slogans uniformly emphasize how beautiful the city ishow wonderful it is to live there. The artist appropriates such banal expressions applies them to Anyang, but with a twist he d a fully abstract sculpture by having the slogans rotate 360 degrees, which makes those slogans completely incomprehensible without additional information. Conventional slogans that promote a city image are an empty signifier deprived of the signified since an image of a city is not self-proclaimed, but d by the members of the community. Based on this premises, the artist tried to a new signified through self-proclaimedbanal signifiers.