The Shadow Lake 그림자 호수
A folding screen that resembles a picture book. The artist representative work, Pickton Lake, is engraved on aluminum panels instead of painted with ink on silk screens. The artist is known for weaving new stories out of different sources including films, operas, ballets, novels, songs, murder cases, depicting them in drawings, logos, pictograms. The Robert Pickton case in Vancouver, Canada where the pig farm owner killed 26 women used their bodies as feed serves as the starting point of the story told in The Shadow Lake. To this bizarre story, the artist intertwines overlaps those from the ballet Swan Lake, the film The Elephant Man, the TV series Twin Peaks, the musical The Phantom of the Opera, Hemingway short story Hills Like White Elephants, the pop song Jennie Got a Gun, Salvador Dali Swans Reflecting Elephants in search of the women who have disappeared. By installing the folding screen in Anyang, she hopes that the women may at last find peace in this place named after paradise.
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