Anyang Story 안양 스토리
Navin Rawanchaikul Anyang Story is a Thai style large-scale movie poster previously installed on a building wall, across from which his other work Romance Pavilion is located. The poster features the comic book Paradise Anyang, an accompanying work produced by the artist for the 1st APAP. Paradise Anyang is a fictional story about Pandit Chanrochanakit, a Thai political science scholar advisor to Navin production company. In the story, Chanrochanakit, who lives in Hawaii to complete a Ph.D. program, meets Oh Hwanhee, a painter from Korea. Chanrochanakit Oh Hwanhee fall in love while they work together on her research on paradise. Although many trials test their love for each other, Chanrochanakit Oh Hwanhee finally get together married. The story concludes a few years later, with the couple, along with their child, resting in a pavilion in Anyang, happy content in the paradise they have found at last. Although Anyang Story was de-installed in 2013 for reorganization, the comic book Paradise Anyang (based on which the work was d) is available from the Archive.