Anyang Shrine 안양 사원
The Indonesian architect Eko Prawoto d this dome-style structure by surrounding the trees existing in the site with Indonesian bamboo tree. Prawoto, who strives to a strongercloser connection between peoplenature, mostly uses materials naturally produced in Indonesia, such as hays, bamboo trees, coconut trees, for his works. Bamboo trees, in particular, are the material that symbolizes ephemerality to Prawoto, who believes that people are only a fleeting existence in the natural world, have been the material of choice for Prawoto architectural installations. Situated in the woods in Samsung Mountain, Anyang Shrine has a shape of a mound formed by bamboo trees. Such a shape often appears in his works as a reference to Indonesia traditional culture, in which mountains are regarded as the axis that connects the earththe sky. The architect also built 130 housing units with bamboo trees after a huge earthquake ravaged Indonesia in 2006.