Room of One's Own—Anyang Women's Conversation 우리들의 방—안양여성들의 수다
A project that represents the voice of the women of Anyang in the form of chitchatting. First, the artist initiated a discourse on the position of women in Korea with women working in women issues-related fields in Korea including Anyang, organized a workshop. Based on the results of the workshop, she ed keywords related to Korean women, had fifteen groups of women from Anyang hold conversations on them in fifteen different public places in the form of chitchat. She then converted these performances into artistic productions including documentation, installation, exhibition as well as into an agenda on women policies. In the process of transforming the chattering of women, often disparaged as being trivial, into data that may be used as the basis for establishing women policies, the artist attempted to bring the involvement of women in social issues, mainly limited to the personal level, out into the public sphere. The name Room of Our Own was taken from Virginia Woolf essay of the same title to illustrate the need for women to have not only my room but our room in the public space to voiceshare their thoughts.  
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