Monde des animaux 동물들의 세상
The artist wanted to make an imaginary zoo that connects Anyang and Africa in the forest of Mt. Samseong with six fables where a weird animal such as half human and half beast appears. In the animal world, animals that resemble humans invite each other to a concert where marvelous things happen. In the concert, a female singer with a body of an insect sings a song with lyrics saying, ‘this world is running towards sins over the line, injustice, and destruction. No, this is not right!!!’ and the animals gathering around are exchanging conversation saying ‘can’t you work also? Everybody has their own roles.’

Chéri Samba who learned painting through advertising billboards and also worked as a cartoonist has been presenting paintings with text balloons or captions since 1970s. His images and texts mingle well together to describe daily life of people around him, and displayed social issues such as disease, distrust, and corruption existing in them. The artist expressed that his interests are in people’s life, and the role of an artist is to induce people to think.

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