Anyang, Paradise City 다시 태어나고 싶어요, 안양에
This 90 minute HD documentary by Park Chan-kyong presents eight stories about Anyang. Set in all different timesplaces, each story explores the history of Anyang together, carefully interweaves people, historic facts, present stories encountered in the process. Beginning with a scene in which the students from the Dance Department of Anyang Arts High School female audiences at the performance come togetherdance Ganggangsullae, the film also visits the excavation site of Flagpole Support at Jungcho Temple from which the city name Anyang was originated, talks about the 1988 Greenhill Textile Mill fire, in which 22 female workers lost their lives after failing to escape from the dormitory locked up for access control purposes. The entire film was shot in Anyangin order to acquire an identity as a film as public art, features local citizens as well as professional actors. Selected for the Bright Future Program of the International Film Festival Rotterdam 2011, the film also won Grand Prize (Korean Feature Films Competition) at the 12th Jeonju International Film Festival.
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