Eunpa Industries (Donghee Park) 은파산업(박동희)
Eunpa Industries is a company that develops software and hardware prototypes and conducts education for beginners on various softwares and hardwares. Donghee Park is technician,educational coach, and CEO of Eunpa Industries where he currently conducts software and hardware workshops for beginners (2011-present). He participated in artist Hojun Song’s OSSI-1 Satellite Development Project (2012-2013). Since 2007, he has organized various workshops for the general public with artist SeungBum Kim on the computing media as a means of production and expression, in particular, PINY Camp for Teenagers (2008-2010). He also developed the educational tool Hello Board (2009), organized and participated as an educator in Seoul U-learning Computer Club House (2010) and Media Art for Adolescents (2010).
  • Scaleindividual
  • TypeEducator,Engineer,Activist
  • NationalityKR
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