Romance Pavilion 로맨스 정자
Also known as Paradise Sala. An existing pavilion was transformed based on the fact that Anyang means the Land of Happiness according to Buddhist ideals. The artist painted the past, present, idealistic future of Anyang on the ceiling of the pavilion, decorated the center where eight panels join with lotus flowers. At the time when the pavilion was completed, a screen was installed inside playing a video work featuring the residents of the local community who were asked about their own definitions of paradise. Pandit Chanrochanakit, a political scientist based in Thailand who named the work Paradise Sala, is a special advisor at Navin Production run by the artist. He has appeared several times as the main character in the comic books published by Navin Production. The comic book Paradise Anyang that was produced along with the pavilion also features a fictive story where Chanrochanakit falls in love with a Korean artist working out of Anyanggets married with her. A signboard at the pavilion explains that the International Public Art Association imaginary organization has designated the pavilion as International Public Art Treasure No. 21. Sala, which means pavilion in Thai, is a kind of open stage where members of the local community can communicate with each other.