The Reader (kku-reo-mi) 읽기꾸러미

It is referenceutilization program for the users of Anyang Pavilion who have an organizing power for the 4th APAP.


Docent kku-reo-mi


We ed [City Art Tour] (Nareum books, 2012) by Samcheol Park who wrote about public art of many regions for the book that helps put together scripts of Anyang Art Park Tour. Since then, over the time we held 3 additional meetings with docents, we studied the [Living as Form (Nomatic Version)] that is a reference exchange exhibition the Park Library accommodated,read [Theme of Modern Art Note] (Dooseong Books, 2011) to talk about the public interest for the modern art. Designer Hyemi Nah designedd the text clipboard,we sorteded the casual but detailed conversations we shared as records.


Making Marathon The Reader (kku-reo-mi)


[Critical Making], a book furnished at the Pakt Library with recommendation of Tae Yoon Choi, the ector of the Making Lab, is a limited publication of 10 books of 300 prints that was copiedbound by the media researcher Garnet Hertz. Among 70 articles that investigate critical self-examination of Making that is mentioned in here, we ed 4 articles related to "Story of tools" which is the theme of the [Making Marathon]introduced the translated texts on APAP website for the first time after getting permissions from the authorseditors.

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