Interface: Public Art of My Own 인터페이스: 나의, 나만의 공공예술

In order to communicate a consistentclear message to a wide audience, from the citizens of Anyang to artists worldwide, the 4th Anyang Public Art Project (APAP) has established a visual identity under which it proposes diverse graphic designs. By focusing on the &ldquopresent&rdquo within the time spectrum d by the APAP that links the past, present,the future,revealing itself through the concrete space of the Anyang Public Art Park, the branding for the 4th APAP proposes a way to simultaneously engage in the present of the APAP held &ldquoherenow&rdquo from October 2013 to April 2014 from anywhere in the world.


The brand campaign will revolve around the artworksreal-time video screen installed on the exterior of the Anyang Pavilion, the focal point of the 4th APAP. The campaign will use shadows, a means that has allowed diverse culturesplaces in the world to perceiveunderstand time in history, as a visual metaphor. It will also serve to attract the participation of the visitors to Anyang Pavilionweave the traces of their participation into the APAP identity. Furthermore, newvarious channels to record, experience,share the entire process on a real-time basis will be designed. This project will include, for example, the APAP logo, which will continue to change on a real-time basis online an expandable/responsive website print on demandan archive Application Programming Interface (API).


With &ldquopresent&rdquo&ldquoparticipation&rdquo as the guiding principles, the branding of the 4th APAP will be applied to a wide range of interfaces including the official website, online archive, outdoor installations,various printed materials including, but not limited to, the exhibition catalogue. The campaign will be launched on the APAP website in Fall 2013will run through 2014.


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