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Project Archive is a component of the Park Library. It will serve as a cluster of memory boxes containing materials - actual objects as well as documents in hardsoft formats - of the APAP, which researchers can refer to for their studies.


Public art is the culmination of multi-layered stories (or events) of various people involved in it, from artists to participants, administrators, curators,viewers. The stories are the products of artistic labor that intervenes in reality, establishes a relationship with society,connects the different public spheres. The boxes symbolizerealize a frame for representing the overall structureformation of public art. To start, the participating artists of the 1st, 2nd,3rd APAP editions, held between 20052011, play the role of the author of different stories (archive creators)the 148 artworks that they have produced play the role of the protagonist of the stories (archive file/record). In the narrow sense, the archive contains hardsoft copies of documents including public/administrative papers, profiles of the participating artiststheir work, progress reports, official publications, press releases, performance records,the books purchased on a broader level, the archive includes works of artmaterials collected on the site of the projects. The archive will be transferred online once the preparation is complete, which will include translation of the names of the artiststitles of the works. The digital platform that will provide Finding Aidsed visual data will allow the archive to grow its public reach.


Each APAP is a temporaryseparate project that operates with its own set of artistic ector, curatorial team, participating artists,collaborators. In this way, each APAP edition re-contextulaized the previous projects,by the third edition, a new practicea new discourse manifested itself. By this time the organizers found themselves discussing about a new genre of public art, community art,social engagement art. Project Archive follows the changes in public art not through artworks but in the form of an archive, offering a different kind of aesthetic experienceproviding the grounds for continuing with the APAPpreparing for the resources that will be d by future APAP editions.


Project Archive may be used by anyone who is currentlypotentially linked to public art, from organizers of the APAP to artists, administrators, critics, historians, theorists,those who may just happen to hop by the Park Library. Project Archive will operate an ongoing program called &ldquoEverybody is a researcher.&rdquo Its aim is to break down barriers that divide &ldquospecialists&rdquo from &ldquonon-specialists&rdquoto welcomehelp those who enjoy using the archive to spread their sense of appreciation of public art.


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