SeungBum Kim 승범 김
Kim majored in life sciences, but became interested in the end-user’s computing environment after meeting Alan Kay. After receiving an MA in computer education, he founded PINY (Powerful Idea jourNeY) and conducted educational projects and studies related to digital literacy and communication for the end user, including PINY Camp and Media Art for Three 2 (Art Center Nabi; Seungjoon Choi, Kyungsoo Kim, PINY) and Seoul Ulearning Computer Club House. Kim organizes various workshops and educational programs to help the general public understand and apply the computing media as well as provides consulting services. Recently, he is trying to expand the workshops on new media through such projects as Lightball, StickyBlocks, and Fa.Ke.Board, which integrate analogue, hardware and craft with digital and software media. Kim is a close colleague in learning and experimentation with artist Donghee Park of Eunpa Industries.
  • Scaleindividual
  • TypeEngineer,Curator, Coordinator, Producer
  • NationalityKR
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