Untitled 2007 (tea house) 무제 2007(티하우스)
A tea house d by tilting a traditional Korean house 45 degrees. The artist, who is concerned with the social role of art, has experimented with issues such as the boundary between artseveryday life, interaction between public private spheres, communication between group individual, within the sphere of arts. In this context, the artist madeserved food to audiences at his exhibitions, transformed an exhibition space into an apartment, d a backpack containing cookeriesmaps. The artist, who had existing interest in the function of teahouses prior to this project, produced a cube shaped teahouse made of stainless steel for the Villa Manin Centre for Contemporary Art (Italy) in 2005. For the teahouse he d for the 2nd APAP at the Jungang Park, the artist takes its motif from Eastern teahouses, which functioned as a space for meditation as well as for conversation social interaction.