Cilia Erens 실리아 에런스
Erens majored in urban planning and social geography at University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands. The artist began sound works in the 1980s and held multiple solo exhibitions: 2009 《Soundspace Yogya》(Cemeti Art House, Yogyakarta), 2013 《Spaces and Silences, the collective silence of real estate》(KuS), and 2017 《Time Lapse China》(STEIM, Amsterdam), and group exhibitions: 2016 《Strategies for fighting evil》(Het Langhuis, Zwolle) 2018 《Brace for Impact》(De Appel, Amsterdam), and 2019 《Dock/Ancien Palais de Justice》(Les Brasseurs art contemporain, Liège). In addition, Erens has been presenting site-specific sound works in various exhibitions 1999 《Daily Dutch》(Taipei Fine Arts Museum, Taipei), 2016 《Moving the Massess》(Leiden University, Leiden), 2018 《LÛD》(Rijsterbos). The artist has done residency programs at Cemeti Art House(2009) and 2017 STEIM.
  • Scaleindividual
  • TypeArtist
  • NationalityNL
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