He-rian Kim 혜련 김
Born in Anyang, Herian Kim majored in Media Art at Kaywon University of the Arts.
Participated in the 2018 Triki Women’s Film Festival Documentary Animation Section(Vienna), the 19th Ismalia International Documentary & Short Film Festival(Ismalia) in 2017, and the Documentary Family Section(Goyang), the 2017 DMZ International Documentary Film Festival. In 2016, he participated in exhibitions such as 《Be kind Rewind》 (Alternative Space Noon, Suwon) and 《Drawing Theater》(Takeout Drawing, Seoul). His works include (2014),      a work made while exploring Anyang, (2016), which started with a story with a person who remembers the appearance of Anyang in the past, and (2018) which metaphorically captures the idea of urban development.


  • Scaleindividual
  • TypeArtist
  • NationalityKR
관련 작품
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