The 3rd APAP Audiovisual Documentation 3회 APAP 기록 영상
1. The 3rd Anyang Public Art Project—New Community: In the Open City
2. New Community: Open School (Lot-Ek: Ada Tolla and others)
3. New Community: Open House (Raumlabor: Matthias Rick and others)
4. Nomadic: Bang Bang (Raumlabor: Matthias Rick and others)
5. New Community: Open Pavilion (Mass Studies: Minsuk Cho and others)
6. Open City: Digital Anyang (Kael Greco, Lee Daeho and others)
7. Open City: We Wish To Reincarnate In Paradise (Park Chan-Kyong, Kim Min-Kyung and others)
8. Open City: Can You Say That Again?—5 Uneasy Pieces (Raqs Media Collective: Jeebesh Bagchi and others)
9. Open City: Open Vegetable Gardens (Marjetica Potrč, Ruri Lee and others)
10. Nomadic: Anyang Skycraper (Lawrence D. Butch Morris and others)
11. Open City: New Shelter Project For Anyang Civilian Volunteer Police (Hawwon Shin and others)
12. Open City: Play, Bang Bang! (Hyunok Yoon and others)
13. Open City: 2010 Image Of Manan—Record & Memory (Daelim Contemporary Art Museum and others)
14. Open City: Being-Residents (O-Dong Team: Minja Gu, Sangbin Im and others)
15. Open City: New Old Man An Design—Mana Haseyo!? (Supplement Space Stone & Water and others)
16. Open City: Seems Like Community (Wolsik Kim, Hyun A Kim and others)
17. Open City: Room of Our Own—Anyang Women’s Conversation (Suzanne Lacy, Boseul Kim and others)
18. Open City: Museum of Complaints (Community Museum Project: Howard Chan, Jaehyun Ahn and others)
19. Open City: Small Business, Big Change (Rick Lowe, Jong Gyun Seo and others)
20. Open City: Revitalizing Local Business Through Urban Regeneration Process (Korea Center for City and Environment Research and others)
21. Open City: Virtual APAP(Jihyeon Shin and others)
  • TypeDVD, CD
  • 회차3회
  • 출판연도2010
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