Hello, Anyang with Love 헬로, 안양 위드 러브
Installation work consisting of one huge flowerfive puppies covered in polka dots. The compulsive, repetitive dots are a recurrent motif found in the artist work since the 1950s. Yoko Kawasaki of the Yayoi Kusama Studio who helped the artist to produce the work often sent e-mails to APAP titled Hello, Anyang with Love. She also visited Anyang on various occasions to check that the ground in the Peace Park in Pyeongchon was firm enough to support the huge flower five puppies. The artist, who is also a poeta novelist, sent a poem with the design of her work, which starts with When I was feeling down, accompanied by five brightly-multicolored dogs, I came to Anyang, a place like dreamland. The drawingsthe poem by the artist can be found in the archive.