Stone Flower 돌꽃

This is a bouquet of thirty-seven artificial flowers consists of rose, dahlia, morning glory, petunia, sunflower, and pansy. Real grass keeps growing and falling in between the artificial flowers splendidly decorating the embankment of the Samseong stream. The artist who has been working as an exhibit planner, interior designer, architect, and artistic director of film started to collect flower images in the early 1990s. The first theme of [Ssamji Book] she designed in 1998 at the Heart Visual Development Research Center where she was the director was also flowers. This book was filled with flower images ranging from the flowers that appear in arts, icebox with flower pattern, flower button, and to hibiscus printed on garbage collecting trucks. The flower of Junghwa Choi started to appear not only as an image, but also as a sole objet in her art works, starting with the mega size tulip balloon, [Super Flower] created in 1995. Since then, the artist has been introducing installation artwork with flowers as motif in all parts of the world including various Biennale, Tokyo, Lille, Copenhagen, Sao Paulo, and Beijing. In one of the interviews, Junghwa Choi has mentioned the sorrow and loneliness she felt at the Nanjido garbage landfill that no longer exists, and she said that she has chosen artificial flowers as a tool to heal the city that is rotting away in pollution and mountains of garbage. 


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