A Box of Heaven 천국의 상자

This was an artwork exhibited on the side of the Mt. Samseong walking trail leading down towards the Blu Monte Youth Hostel for a month in time of the First Anyang Public Art Project (hereafter called APAP). The Cemeti Art House located in Yogjakarta, Indonesia requested to invite Arie Dyanto, Eko Nugroho, Tri Wahudi, and Terra Bajraghosa who have been presenting arts based on cartoons to create an artwork with a theme Heaven when they were invited to the First APAP. Nindityo Adipurnomo and Mella Jaarsma, the founder and director of the Cemeti Art House had expressed that the reason they especially focus on cartoon is that it has possibility to correspond to the emerging political and social issues. The drawing and cartoon created by 4 artists were exhibited in a big tent form, and audience could view the artwork looking up under the tent. When it was near the opening, Nindityo Adipurnomo and Arie Dyanto visited Anyang to participate in the installation.