Temporary Exhibition Space Design 일시전시공간 디자인

Architects, Heesung Kim and Jae Yeun Hwang designed the temporary exhibition hall, where artworks were displayed in the Anyang Art Park during the First Anyang Public Art Project. There was a display space of Jun Nguyen-Hatsushiba’s [Happy New Year-Memorial Project Vietnam II], Hyungmin Moon’s [Shooting (Anyang Amusement Park)], Kang Eun Lee’s [Memory], Johan Berard’s [Timer, Office], No Name No Shop’s [Time & Space Application Scenario], Hiraki Sawa’s [Going Places Sitting Down] and [8 Minutes], Raymond Han’s [Lost Dream Palace], and a multi-purpose area used as a gallery, store, and workshop for ChangjakHaedanghwa Workshop’s [Signboard] in three temporary exhibition halls installed along the Samseong stream. 

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