Three Waves of Saying One 세 개의 음파가 하나의 소리를 만들다

This was a sound installation artwork presented during the First Anyang Public Art Project. It is located past Eko Prawoto’s [Anyang Shrine] and on the way to Helen Park’s [Placeness/Nonplaceness]. If you look over a creek, which no longer has running water, on a small bridge, you can feel three sound waves flowing heavily and quietly. These sound waves, representing three monks, Wonhyo, Uisang, and Yoon Pil symbolizing Mt. Samseong respectively, were coming out of three subwoofer speakers (they are speakers professionally reproducing ultralow sound range of below 100Hz) hidden around the bridge constantly. The location of each speaker was a vertex of a triangle with the bridge in the center, and they were all around 12 meters away from the bridge.


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