A System of Behavior 행위의 체계

This artwork is composed of two photographic images, located in front of the Manangak Swimming Pool that no longer exists. The artist asked over 100 people to reenact the moments they reproached themselves and recorded the moments with photos to create this artwork. Characters showed the moments by wrapping their head agonizing, or gazing a distance vacantly, or throwing objects to reveal their rampageous emotions. Each person’s various emotions about the same situation filled the screen with 95 actions including rigid actions to natural body movements. Among the two photos, the image with blue floor in the background was taken in the swimming pool in the Blu Monte Youth Hostel located in the Anyang Art Park in 2005. Since it has been outside under the sunlight for a long time, the color of the photo has faded so much that it was difficult to distinguish the images in the photo. Consequently, this artwork was demolished during the artwork reorganization process in 2013, but it was presented in many exhibitions after its creation under the title [95 flexible, rough, inflexed, and dry gestures about spiral shaped feeling] as the artist’s early series. 

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