Inflatable Water Tank 부풀어 오르는 저수조

This artwork was presented during the First Anyang Public Art Project (hereafter called APAP) and it was located on the rooftop of the Blu Monte Youth Hostel inside the Anyang Art Park. During the site survey for the artwork, the artist found the blue water tank on the rooftop of the building, and suggested to put a fake water tank made in the same size and shape with yellow waterproof fabric next to it. The fake water tank located about 15m away from the real water tank was filled with air instead of water. Fully inflated water tank looked real from a distance, but it’s position changed subtly depending on the intensity and direction of wind because the string it was fastened to was loose. The artist thought that putting a functional structure and a nonfunctional structure in juxtaposition was similar to putting up a stage on which reality and fabrication coexist. 


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