Design Your Own Meditation Pod 자신만의 명상장소 디자인하기

Two artists and ten participants created this artwork together. It was inspired from the artist’s hope to create a place where one can enjoy meditating by himself without getting interrupted by other people in the Anyang Art Park. They put a meaning in that the person who wants to meditate find an appropriate place according to his preference and need and design an instrument that is needed for the meditation rather than using a place made by someone else. The artist and participants took a site survey of the Anyang Art Park during the workshop held on October 1-2, 2005. They chose their own meditation spots and expressed their individually preferred method of meditation in drawing. For instance, the place Emil Goh, the artist, chose for his meditation was an all-weather spot where he could be protected from winds and mosquitos. They made a sign post of explanation of meditation after discussions and put it up on a location the participants chose. Through this, the artist wanted to provide an opportunity for users to explore what they need in their individual creative and practical manner in the Anyang Art Park. 


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