Dragon Bench 드래곤 벤치

This piece is a bench located on the walking path next to the Samseong stream. Isao Hosoe, a designer, designed the shape and Jae Gwang Kim, an artist, put the color on the surface. This artwork was created with a dragon, the legendary animal, as a motif as the title suggests. It sprawls in between the trees growing alongside the walking path in a smooth curve. From the old times, a dragon is known as messenger living in a river, and going back and forth from earth to sky to jumble and intervene different things. Based on such legend, the designer aimed the [Dragon Bench] that resembles a dragon to connect heterogeneous objects to create new energy for the Anyang Art Park where mountain and stream, residential and commercial areas, and nature and art meet and cross with each other. On top of this, the artist Jae Gwang Kim put on glossy white paint so the shape of the bench, Isao Hosoe designed, would be well revealed to complete the work. This artwork, which served its purpose as a place for people to rest under full bloomed Cherry Blossoms every spring, was dismantled during the art reinforcement process in 2013 because of cracks caused by contraction and expansion of the inside material due to seasonal changes. 


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