Uomoduomo 우오모두오모

This was presented in the temporary exhibit hall in the Anyang Art Hall during the First Anyang Public Art Project. It is a visual art showing an image of an old man sleeping sitting in front of Duomo di Milano repeatedly. When filming this work, Anri Sala was working on another project in Milan and he stopped by the Duomo di Milan every day with a small camera. During the 5-day stay in Milan, the artist ran into the person in the video twice and he was dozing off in a shabby appearance every time. The artist photographed the old man looked as if he was about to fall, but doesn’t, and the old man half asleep never noticed someone was photographing him. The scene of the old man, nodding his head up and down repeatedly in a screen that seems to be still, passes the boundary of serenity and anxiety back and forth on a fine line. Anri Sala was awarded the Young Artist Prize in the [Venice Biennale] in 2001 for this artwork.


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